I want to tell real love stories about real people (like you!). Whether you’re a keep-it-simple kind of couple or the up-for-anything type, my photojournalistic style means I’ll document your day truthfully, and lovingly, and in a way that helps you feel like your most authentic selves. This means less posing and more laughing, less trendiness and more timelessness, less tradition for tradition’s sake, and more meaningful candids.


I want to capture it all for you: quiet times and overwhelmingly magical times, nervous tears and happy tears, deep-breath faces and party-time faces, I-can-do-this moments, and I-could-do-this-all-damn-day moments. (Not to mention all the in-between things you might not get to see because you’re too busy GETTING MARRIED, but that’s what I’m for!)

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Salt Lake City, Utah